Meet the Team!

Kristine Manley


Kristine Manley is a teacher, director, mentor and advocate for educators, children and their families. Drawing on 18 years of early childhood education classroom teaching and 10 years of supervisory and administration experience, she is known for taking a hands-on leadership approach.

Kristine is full of youthful energy and loves to sing, read, and play games; whether in the classroom with children or leading a staff meeting, a hands-on, fun time is guaranteed!

Haley Blair

Assistant Director

Haley's experience ranges from counseling children and adults, teaching in preschool classrooms, choreographing summer theater musicals, and even coaching gymnastics! In addition, Haley has extensive experience Directing children and family programming.

Haley received her Master's of Science in Education for Mental Health Counseling in New York City and became a Life Coach specializing in new mothers adjusting to the transition to motherhood.

Rosa Mae Celestial

Lead Teacher

Mae has over 10 years of experience working with children. She has spent the last 5 years working with children with disabilities and coaching families on how to incorporate modeled interventions into their children’s daily routines.

Mae is excited to create a nurturing and effective environment that supports children’s interaction with space, materials, and people. She believes that children learn best through hands-on experiences such as touching, doing, and moving.

Justin Pelen

Bumo Teacher

Justin worked in public education before transitioning to the private sector as a director at an education company. Having graduated with a degree in Biology from the UC Riverside, he decided to pursue education over medicine.

Justin also has a passion for dance where he was a director of 909 Hip Hop Dance Troupe at UCR. Justin loves to teach children in funny and wacky ways through movement and dance that make learning truly enjoyable.

Joyce Kim

Bumo Teacher

Joyce has recently graduated from the UC Irvine, where she double majored in Psychology and Education Science. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is excited to begin her post-graduate life back at home where she can foster a strength-based learning environment that seeks to apply the multicultural backgrounds of students towards their achievement.

Being blessed with an array of different experiences, including being a preschool aid, mentor, tutor, and caregiver, these relationships inspired her to commit to a life overseeing the development of young students.

Dante Barsotti

Bumo Teacher

Dante graduated Magna Cum Laude from California State University Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s degree in history. Before studying history, Dante attended Art Center College of Design, where he realized his true passion was education.

Dante has spent the last six years working as a teacher at one of the top three independent schools in Los Angeles. He has taught everything from mathematics, science, geography, chess, ceramics, and Spanish. He loves being with students and expanding their horizons through education.

Andy Widell

Bumo Teacher

Andy graduated from the State University of New York in 2010 with a Bachelors Degree in Communications. After a stint playing music professionally, he found his passion in educating and entertaining. Andy’s love for music began as a child in New York. As a toddler, he got his first guitar, and it hasn’t been far from his side since.

For the past five years Andy has worked with the company Kidville, an early education center where he specialized in music and gym for children ages six months to six years. In 2021, Andrew is scheduled to earn his California multi-subject elementary teaching credential.