Health & Safety Protocols

At BümoWork, the health and safety is and always will be our top priority. We are taking extra precautions and additional procedures to ensure the safety and health of all children, parents and staff.

Health Procedures

Face Masks
Children under the ages of three years old are not required to wear a mask as it may cause a danger to the child. However, we encourage children three to five to try to wear masks. For children 5 years old and older we require children to wear a mask.
All parents, teachers, and staff are required to wear a mask.
Hand washing
Regular handwashing is enforced for all staff and children. At BümoWork, we educate children and staff on proper handwashing procedures.

Cleaning Procedures

BümoWork is professionally cleaned and sanitized daily by a CDC-trained cleaning team. BümoWork's cleaning staff and general staff do clean surfaces with CDC-approved, non-toxic cleaning products.

Staff/Teacher Safety Procedures

We take the temperature of staff upon entering the premises. Any indication of illness will warrant a staff member being immediately sent home; however, we have trained our staff and encouraged them to stay home at any sign of any sickness whatsoever.